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When it comes to negativity, our minds work extremely quickly, and we discover a lot of things, but when it comes to positivity, we just ignore it because we don't want to think about it or discuss it.We've shaped our thinking in such a way that we don't think optimistically and only stay within our comfort zones. We are constantly afraid of doing anything that puts us under strain

A Task

Sometimes thinking doesn't work, until we implement it. But we make implementation tough by starting taking the burden on ourselves because we think OHH! we have to do this, nothing will happen . We only demotivate ourselves by admitting that nothing will happen. It's wrong, don't you think

Failure or Success

Failures are equally crucial to achievement in life because both provide a sense of balance and teach us what is lacking. From the beginning, we strive to think that we will succeed, but when we don't, depression sets in, and we begin to think negatively


Every day is a fresh start in our lives in light of the fact that consistently goes and a new day comes where we start our day with a fresh start. In some cases, we neglect to be content with regards to little things and consistently center around different things however never center around the present

Find your Soul Before Finding your Soulmate

In a busy world, we always forget that we are the most important person in our life. We always prioritize someone else and regret it later. Life is not about someone else, it's about you. Who you are???

Prove Them Wrong

There is a saying we hear a lot, but never really grasp the meaning behind it. A perfect meaning is not what others say, but what we decide